2 Ways In Which Your Family May Compromise Your Home Security


Home security is very important. Every homeowner wants their home to be as secure as possible. When you think about improving the security around your home, your first thought may be to hire a locksmith to inspect, repair or replace the locks on your windows and doors. However, high-quality locks will only protect your home if you and the rest of your family use them properly and maintain good security practices. Below is a guide to 2 things you teach your family to help to prevent them from placing your home security in jeopardy.

Stranger Danger

You should ensure that members of your family understand the danger posed by strangers at the door. It is not unusual for children to innocently open the door to whoever calls. However, this could pose a grave risk to your home's security. An opened door is the easiest way for someone to gain entry into your home. The intruder will not have to worry about picking locks or breaking windows if they can get you or a member of your family to unlock and open the door. Once the door has opened, an intruder can easily force their way in. You should tell your family always to check who is at the door before they open it, and ask your children to call an adult before unlocking the door.

Forgetful Family

In the summer months, it can be very easy to open doors and windows to allow a little air in and then to forget all about them. You should explain to your family the importance of remembering to shut doors and windows when they are no longer in use. As part of your children's chores, you could have them carry out regular inspections of the doors and windows to check if they are open or shut. Once you implement this, it won't be long before the shutting of doors and windows become second nature. If you are concerned that family members keep forgetting to shut and lock the doors in your home, you should ask a locksmith to install an auto-lock system which will mechanically lock the door the moment it is closed.

If you follow these two tips, you can help to make sure that your family do not accidentally jeopardise your home's security. If you would like further information and advice about how best to secure your home against intruders, you should contact a professional locksmith service today.


19 December 2016

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