Ideas For Using Clear Storage Boxes


If one of your New Year's resolutions may be to try to keep your home tidier and to be more organised, you might find the following suggestions helpful.

Being orderly is particularly important if you have young children, live in a small apartment, or have too many clothes for your wardrobe space. All you need to get things ship-shape is a good supply of clear, plastic storage boxes with lids.

Save wardrobe space

As the seasons change, so do your wardrobe requirements. If you're short of cupboard space, try packing away all the clothes that you won't need for a few months into large plastic boxes and stashing them under your bed or stacking them neatly in cupboards. This strategy also works well with clothes that you seldom wear.

Clear boxes make it easy to see what's inside, enabling you to locate the item you want quickly and easily, and the lids protect your gear from dust and attack by moths. For ease of access, you can buy plastic boxes with wheels that just slide out from under your bed without damaging your flooring.

Keep kids' toys tidy

Clear plastic boxes make great storage solutions for kids' toys. Clear the decks and put all the bits and bobs into boxes that you can then stack neatly out of the way.

When your little one wants a specific toy, all you need to do is quickly locate the appropriate box by viewing the contents through the clear plastic.

To brighten things up, choose boxes with coloured lids or opaque, tinted plastic.

Store Christmas decorations safely

Christmas decorations typically end up shoved in flimsy cardboard boxes or carrier bags, before being thrown into the loft. The folly of taking this approach is quickly evident the following year when you unpack your festive kit only to discover broken baubles and crushed lights.

Next Christmas, use clear plastic boxes to store your decorations and lights.  The rigid, clear plastic will keep fragile items safe from breakage, whilst enabling you to see just what's inside.

Keep dry pet food fresh

Dry pet kibble and biscuits can quickly become stale if kept in their original packets. A selection of different sized plastic boxes can be used to keep dry pet food crisp and fresh, as well as discouraging the attentions of pests, such as rodents or roaches.

These are just four ways in which clear plastic boxes could help you to keep your home tidier and more organised. Check out your local supplier, such as Store-It-Safe, or buy boxes online for a selection of sizes from tiny to huge!


20 January 2017

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