Door Handle Designs: Tips to Choosing the Right Fit for Your Home


When it comes to door locks and handles, some people tend to assume they are simply a functional element of their home. Although they are a practical addition to your residence, you should bear in mind that the appearance of the door locks and handles are extensions of your residence's overall character. Thus, it is important to put some thought into the options that you consider to ensure that not only will they be a pragmatic option but will be aesthetically appealing too. Below are just a few of the handy tips that you could keep in mind when choosing the right fit of door handles and locks for your home.

Tip 1: Consider the style of the locks and handles

A rule of thumb when making a choice of door handle sand locks is to approach the situation as you would with any other interior design element of your home. This means it is essential to keep in mind the décor theme of your interior as well as the kerb appeal for your exterior so that you can make a choice that would easily integrate with your overall aesthetic. For example, if you have a traditional, country style home, then choosing a neo-modern design characterised by angular designs may seem out of place on your traditional door. Secondly, if you have the same design on all the doors of your home, then you may want to consider one handle and lock design to ensure uniformity.

Tip 2: Consider the security the locks and handles provide

The degree of security that your door handles and locks provide you with is another crucial consideration to bear in mind. This is especially prudent for doors that lead directly from the exterior. Tubular locking systems tend to be a popular option, generally because they are easy to install and tend to be affordable. Nevertheless, these locks can easily be broken into thus are much better for doors in the interior of the home, such as bedrooms. If you are choosing locking systems for your front and back entrance, you should consider mortice locks. These locks have greater structural strength compared to their tubular counterparts, making it harder to opportunistic burglars to invade your residence.

Tip 3: Consider the function of the doors

Another element that would dictate the type of locks and handles you could use is the function of the doors. For instance, if you have a door to your pantry, you may want to consider a dummy knob, which is typically used for decorative reasons. On the other hand, if the door leads into a bathroom, you may want to consider a privacy knob that gives the individual user of the room full control on opening and closing the door.


24 February 2017

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