4 Signs Your Garage Remote Needs Replacement


Automatic garage doors are very convenient and secure for every homeowner, but imagine if you misplace your garage remote or realise yours has become faulty. This means that you won't be able to enjoy your automatic garage door anymore. In fact, if your garage door does not have a manual knob, you may be locked out of your garage. When this happens, it's definitely time to replace your garage remote. Below are some common signs that your garage remote needs replacement.

1. Inconsistent Operations

The first sign of a faulty remote is inconsistent operations. You may notice that your garage remote responds only for some time. It may be a problem with its wiring, or your batteries could be dead. In such a case, get your batteries replaced first. If the condition persists, get a locksmith to replace your garage remote.

2. Garage Door Doesn't Open

Garage remotes don't always warn you when they're about to be non-responsive. You may try unlocking your garage only to realize that your door won't respond to your remote. Just like TV remotes, continued wear and tear of your remote can make it slowly malfunction over time, only for it to suddenly stop working. In such a case, you'll have to visit your locksmith to diagnose your garage remote and get it replaced if necessary.

3. Reduced Remote Range

Initially, you could activate your garage door after taking your last corner, and it would open allowing you to slide into your garage like there was no door. However, with time, you've noticed that you need to get closer for your garage sensor to respond upon activating it. Other than your garage sensor, your remote should also get checked, as it may be the problem. A faulty garage remote will have a reduced range as compared to its specification. There's no need to get used to a remote with a reduced range—get a new one for extra convenience.

4. Lost Garage Remote

Garage remote keys are more convenient if you carry them around, as you'll need them to open and close your garage door. Unfortunately, you may lose your keys and get locked out. A professional locksmith will easily replace your garage remote after identifying your product model and number. There's no need to use cab services or pack your car outside the garage because you can't your garage door unlocked.

The moment you detect a problem with your garage remote, don't hesitate to have it fixed or replaced. Procrastinating may lead to a dead garage remote, prompting you to replace it sooner than later. However, always contact a company that offers garage remote replacement services.


28 May 2019

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