How Automobile Locksmiths Charge for Their Services


Whether you need new locks, key replacement or emergency key repairs for your vehicle, the cost of such services will be a top concern. Auto locksmiths charge their customers in different ways. Some may charge by the amount of time spent working on your vehicle, while others charge by distance or location.

Knowing how your locksmith charges for their services will help you understand the quoted price better and determine if you're working with the right company. Furthermore, you may prefer one pricing model over another, which may influence your decision when choosing an auto locksmith.

Here are some of the most common ways auto locksmiths charge for their services.

By the hour

If you need comprehensive work done on your vehicle, your locksmith may charge by the hour. For example, replacing all the locks in your car or installing a smart alarm system may take some time to complete.

Charging by the hour allows locksmiths to quantify the task better and assign a monetary value to every step of the project. You may also benefit from this charging model. For example, if the project is complicated but can be completed in a shorter period, you'll save on the total cost. 

By location

Auto locksmiths also charge by location, especially for emergency services. If you've lost your keys or need immediate access to your vehicle, the locksmith may charge according to how far they had to travel. This distance rate may be determined by kilometre, followed by a flat rate for either replacing your key or fixing it. It helps to find a locksmith near you in such cases.

By the task

Most auto locksmiths charge a flat rate for specific tasks. For example, key replacement, lock replacement and lock installation all involve different levels of work and thus may be charged differently. If you find a locksmith who offers favourable rates across the board, this may be the best costing option for both simple and complex jobs.

For example, if you're installing a smart system that takes hours to set up, you may be able to save by seeking a flat rate (as opposed to hourly charges). This option is also great for vehicle owners who want a predictable cost structure with no surprises. 

Special pricing

Finally, auto locksmiths may also charge special rates for specific tasks. For example, there are loyalty programs for repeat customers, discounted rates during specific periods of the year and even special pricing for referrals. This cost model is often a combination of the above.


23 September 2019

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