Reasons Why Car Keys Fail and Why It's Time to Replace Them


Many people can relate when someone is in a hurry to get somewhere only to realize that their car keys are not working. This is very common and some people experience this more than once. During these moments you'll be glad you have a mobile locksmith on speed dial. They are quick, efficient and might just help you unlock your door in good time.

To understand why keys fail, however, it's important to appreciate that there exist different types of car keys and they develop particular performance problems. Here are some reasons why yours could fail: 

Because of Using a Poor-Quality Duplicate Key

What if you recently duplicated your car keys and they suddenly stop working? This normally happens because of the deviations between the original and duplicate keys. In case you need your car keys duplicated, obtain the services of a reputable and reliable locksmith. For additional duplicates, use the original key to reduce the chances of divergence from the original instead of making copies from copies.

The Key or Lock Is Damaged

Just like any hardware, the key and lock are prone to wear and tear. This inadvertently happens to all car key types including the smart, transponder, and the steel cut blade keys, because they get thrown around everywhere we go. As a result, your keys may get broken or have worn out grooves and patterns leaving you with a useless key. In this case, you may have to ask a mobile locksmith to replace the lock and or key.

A Faulty Ignition Cylinder

All automobile systems work in tandem to have you cruising on the road. Failure of one component might cause another not to work properly and this also goes for the ignition lock cylinder. The ignition cylinder is susceptible to break down just like any other component. When you realize that your car key can open your trunk, doors but cannot start your vehicle, have a locksmith assess your ignition lock cylinder for any malfunctions.

The Key Fob Is Damaged

Even electronic car keys are not spared from the occasional failure from time to time. This generally happens because of damaged connectors or the internal parts of the fob being out of alignment. This may happen due to repeated mishandling of your keys by dropping them on hard ground or submerging them in water. You may want to have a professional locksmith diagnose your key-less entry system when you experience this

Your car keys may fail because of one or other reasons. Whenever this happens, you may not know the cause of the problem instantly, most of the time. At this point, your best bet would be professional help. A mobile auto locksmith will quickly reprogram, repair, and or replace your car keys so you can be back on the road again.


25 June 2020

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