Why Do People Need Mobile Locksmiths?


Locksmiths need to be mobile so they can offer their skills and expertise where it is needed. Of course, if you simply need a spare set of keys cut for you, or you would like help with a padlock that you can no longer open, then you can take these items to a locksmith in your area. However, if you have a problem with your home's locks or there is an issue with your office safe, then it would be virtually impossible to have them fixed for you unless a locksmith can come to you. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep the number of a mobile locksmith stored in your phone just in case of emergencies. What are the typical reasons to call a mobile locksmith?

Changing Locks

Most mobile locksmiths will be called out to change locks on a property. The most common reason is that someone in the household has lost their keys, and they are worried that the residence is now liable to be broken into. Only changing the locks will resolve this sort of concern. However, changing the looks could also occur because someone who previously had access rights to a property no longer does. If they have not handed the keys back, then changing the locks is the only viable way to prevent them from coming back. Landlords will often need a mobile locksmith for this very reason following an eviction, for example.

Regaining Access

Sometimes there is an emergency call to help people get back into their properties. This can happen at both business premises and residential addresses. Usually, this will mean someone has left their keys inside and the door has shut behind them, locking automatically. If no one else is inside to let them in, then a mobile locksmith will prove to be invaluable. Sometimes, locksmiths will simply pick the lock to open the door once more. However, it may involve drilling out a lock and then replacing the barrel with a new one afterwards.

Opening Safes

Many people have safes at home to store important documents and valuables. However, many home safes — as well as those used in offices — have a punch code entry system. It is easy to forget the code, especially if it has recently been updated. However, a skilled locksmith will be able to open your safe for you, even if you have no idea what the correct code might be.


8 January 2021

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